Huelga (wéll-gah)  is Spanish for Strike, term used as a battle cry by farmworkers up and down California's Central Valley during the union struggles of the 1960's. 


The privileged son of a wealthy California grape grower struggles with his own values and upbringing when he must infiltrate the farm worker's movement of 1965 to track down the man who murdered his sister, only to find that justice is not always blind, and the truth never this painful. 


It is 1965 California's Central Valley. COY LEE, the young son of a wealthy grape grower, learns that farm workers will be picketing the grower's annual gala, and that his sister DONNA, who is dating a Mexican union organizer, is going to be among the protesters. Infuriated, Coy persuades her to stay home and "away from the Mexicans." She complies, but upon returning from the party that night, the family finds that Donna had been murdered. Seeking justice, Coy heads out to join the union hoping to find EDDIE VELLO, Donna's boyfriend, and by default, the prime suspect of his sister's death.