SYNOPSIS (cont.)


Meanwhile, Coy's best friend ROBBIE ships off to Vietnam, devastating his mother SUZETTE, who secretly volunteers to finance Coy's hunt for Vello, hoping for a quick capture and conviction. She also provides him with a gun. On his way to join the farm movement, Coy meets union activist JOSIE RESENDEZ, who immediately dislikes Robbie for being a grower. Protected by his peers, Vello continues his organizing activities while staying one step ahead of Coy who soon realizes that to get to him he must first gain Josie's trust. As union activity heats up in the fields, Coy sees first hand how the farm hands are treated, and realizes the growers twist the truth and the law to defend their interests at the expense of justice. Having the cops and the press on their side doesn't hurt either. Coy begins to side with the farm worker's movement, which is gathering momentum. The growers counterattack with threats and intimidation, and try to kidnap Josie's daughter. By now, Coy is firmly on the worker's side, and steps in to protect Josie and her family from the growers. As they get to know each other, Coy eventually falls for Josie who has developed a soft spot for him as well.

The battle for Coy's heart heats up between Suzette and Josie, and Coy finds out Suzette, who is married to one of the growers, is trying to cover for her son who she fears might have killed Donna. By now, Josie has learned to trust Coy and sets up a meeting with Vello. They meet at the old union hall and a fight ensues ending with Coy holding Vello at gunpoint. Outside, a crowd of growers and anti union supporters has gathered to lynch Vello. Inside, a heated argument develops between Coy and Vello. Suzette's husband shoots into the building aiming at Vello but hitting Coy in the shoulder instead. Coy, wounded, exits with gun in hand. He now knows from Vello who really had killed Donna, and slowly points the gun at the suspect among them, his own dad. He had gone back to the house the night of the party and had caught Vello and Donna in bed, killing her in a moment of blinding rage for having a relationship with a Mexican. The cops had arrived by now and are left with no alternative but to arrest the father. Coy's life is shattered.

To rebuild his life, and evade the draft, Coy moves to San Francisco and signs up at UC Berkeley. Josie hasn't given up on him yet. She tracks him down and shows up at his door. With big smiles in their faces, they pick up where they had left off and reboot their relationship.